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 Dameon's Bloodline

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PostSubject: Dameon's Bloodline   Wed May 03, 2017 2:22 pm

Bloodline Last name: Shikyo
Bloodline Age (in generations): 10
Bloodline Motto: Light cannot exist without darkness.
Family Location: New York City, New York

Family History: The Shikyo family has a long and historic Bloodline going back as far as ten generations to Japan. The family was founded and brought to power by their keen knowledge of magic and battle tactics. The Shikyo at one point had even had their own clan and temple and served their Emperor and Shogun. The Shikyo was also well rewarded and heavily credited for bringing Catholicism to Japan and establishing the Church within Japan. Though the Shikyo continued to practice magic they did so for the benefit of all and protecting others from the shadows. The Church roughly five generations ago had realized the usefulness of the Shikyo magic and had decided to take the first son born of that generation and train them to become an executor. Since then the family has become a five generation long lineage of Executors serving the church in order to kill those practicing evil and magic and creating evil beings using magic. Within the past five generation the Shikyo had moved with the Church to New York City so they could assist both the Mage's Association at The Complex and also look after those that would seek the new holy grail. Since than the Shikyo have been living out of Manhattan under the payment of both The Church and the Mage's Association. Some of the more recent Shikyo have even gone as far as to teach at The Complex.

Special Characteristics: Black Hair and Black or Red eyes.

Stat of Focus: Intelligence
Skill of Focus: Agility

Magical Focus:

Darkness and Shadow Magic: The Shikyo specialize in manipulating shadows and darkness and utilizing it to suit the mage's needs. Whether it is to cause damage, heal, or shield form harm.

Bloodline Spells:

Level 1:
Spell Name: Shadow Fire
Spell Level: 1
School: Bloodline
Range: 60ft
Type: Ranged
Additional Effects: DoT Damage
Details: The user creates a ball of black fire like substance and launches it at the opponent. If the spell hits it deals 5 (1d8)+INT damage. When hit the opponent must roll a DC 10 CON Save or take another 5 (1d8) Damage on their next turn.

Level 10:
Spell Name: Shadow Teleportation
Spell Level: 5
School: Bloodline
Range: 0ft
Type: Self-Cast
Additional Effects: N/A
Details: The user casts this spell on themselves and makes physical contact with a shadow and steps into it and teleports to another shadow within 50ft/100ft/200ft/400ft/800ft/1200ft (Spell level 5-10). In complete darkness or at night the user can simply vanish through anything he touches including the ground.

Level 15:
Spell Name: Engulfing Darkness
Spell Level: 8
School: Bloodline
Range: 60ft
Type: Ranged
Additional Effects: Dot Damage/HoT Heals/Stun
Details: The user extends their hand and flaming shadow tendrils come up from the ground (or from the user's hand if the opponent is not in a shadow or darkness) and start to drain the target of their life force causing extreme pain. The tendrils deal 60 (10d10) Damage and the opponent must succeed DC X CON Save or take 60 (10d10) Damage. The opponent must also succeed a DC X CON Save or be stunned until the end of their next turn. This spell heals the user for half of the total damage dealt including on the DoT damage if the opponent fails their save.
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Dameon's Bloodline
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