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 Alveron's Bloodline

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PostSubject: Alveron's Bloodline   Wed May 03, 2017 9:48 pm

Bloodline Last name: Alveron
Bloodline Age (in generations): 8
Bloodline Motto: “Anger can keep you warm at night, and wounded pride can spur a man to wondrous things.”

Family History: The Alveron family is an older family, originating in Italy. The family was Founded by the Alveron brothers: Maer, the oldest; Tryst, the middle brother; and Connor, the youngest. The Alveron Brothers made their reputation on pure bloodlust and viciousness. They killed anybody who stood in their way, which made most other mages keep their distance. Since the Alveron Brothers have passed, the Alveron family has grown considerably. While they are no longer known for their bloodlust, they are still known for their tendency towards vengeance. Teachings of wisdom temper their attitudes. The younger, wiser, members of the family realized that if all they sought was vengeance, then they would all die. So, they taught members of the family to be cunning and think through when to strike and not do so thoughtlessly. The lessons made the Alverons that much more dangerous, for they are no longer brash thugs, but contemplative mages. As time goes on, the Alveron has come to appreciate money more than violence, making the family fortune immense. The newest generation of the Alveron family are known to be notorious tricksters. They enjoy sowing chaos and messing with those around them. They are not very well thought of by their seniors, but they still retain all the combat strength of those that came before them. Which settles the Elders somewhat, although once the children turn 17 they suddenly turn solemn in demeanor. Nobody seems to know why…

Special Characteristics: The Alveron family share very few traits, especially abnormal ones. Two trait they are known for however is their radiant blue eyes and pitch black hair. Their blue eyes seem to glow a brilliant blue, making them visible even in the darkest of nights. Their hair is black to the point in which one could easily imagine it absorbing all the light around them.

Stat of Focus: Wisdom
Skill of Focus: Insight
Magical Focus: Light Magic

Bloodline Spells:
Level 1:
Spell Name: Light Beam
Spell Level: 1
School: Bloodline
Range: 100 feet
Type: Ranged
Additional Effects: Blinding
Details: A beam of solid light shoots of of the caster's fingertips towards the enemy. The attack does 5 (1d8) +INT damage. If the attack hits, the opponent must make a DC 9 CON save or be blinded until the end of their upcoming turn.

Level 10:
Spell Name: Healing Light
Spell Level: 5
School: Bloodline
Range: 0 feet
Type: Self
Additional Effects: AC Boost, HoT
Details: A bright light surrounds the caster and they are healed 30 (10d4) + INT modifier, and the caster is healed again the beginning of the their next turn by 15 (5d4). Additionally, if the caster is healed by more than 25 points than they gain a +2 to their Agility until the beginning of their next turn, due to the distracting nature of the light.

Level 15:
Spell Name: Falling Stars
Spell Level: 8
School: Bloodline
Range: 120 feet
Type: Range
Additional Effects: Extended Range, AoE, DoT Damage
Details: A barrage of "stars" fall from the sky in a 15 feet radius. All those within it's radius take the full 60 (10d10) unless they succeed the CON Save DC (X), then they only take half damage. At the beginning of the opponent's next turn, they make another CON save and take half damage or take another 60 (10d10) damage.
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Alveron's Bloodline
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