An RPG with live battles and offline roleplaying based on a roll system set up in the world of the Fate/Stay series.
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PostSubject: Backgrounds   Mon May 01, 2017 8:48 pm


Not everyone in the world has had the same upbringing and the choices you have made in life can alter your story.

Apprentice Mage

You are a mage in training and as such you have either been studying at The Clocktower (London) or The Complex (New York City). You have a more in depth knowledge of magic and what it can do. Based on your age you could be newly admitted or nearing graduation from one of the schools. Due to your intellect and knowledge you are proficient in (choose 2) Arcana, History, investigation, perception. You can also choose to have either INT, WIS, or CHA as a spell save.


Life for you has been a series of unanswered questions. You see people that seem to know you yet do not speak to you. You are the descendant of a magical bloodline that for whatever reason has seemed to vanish whether it be the death of family members, exile, or even execution by the Chrurch. You are the last of your particular bloodline and for some reason lately weird things have been happening to you. You are proficient in (choose 2)Perception, Acrobatics, Stealth, Sleight of Hand. You can also choose to have either DEX, WIS, or STR as a spell save.

Martial Artist

You are skilled with martial arts and have been training your whole life. You are well connected with your body, mind, and Ki. As such you know the existence of magic but do not practice it as you focus on your own body and way of life. You are proficient in (choose 2) Agility, Martial Arts, Athletics, Acrobatics. You can also choose to have either DEX, FIGHT, or STR as a spell save.


You have been raised to help others and use your magical skills to heal others and ward off enemies. Your methods may be unusual to most but your magic is true all the same. You are proficient in (choose 2) Medicine, Persuasion, arcana, insight.You can also choose to have either WIS, CON, or CHA as a spell save.


You have been trained since birth by the Church. You are one of their instruments in destroying heretics and cleaning this world from evil caused by magic. While you have some experience with magic yourself you focus more on martial arts and the ability to stop other mages and their creations. You are proficient in (choose 2) Martial arts, Athletics, Insight, Arcana.You can also choose to have either FIGHT, WIS, or STR as a spell save.
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