An RPG with live battles and offline roleplaying based on a roll system set up in the world of the Fate/Stay series.
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 Race Rules

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PostSubject: Race Rules   Mon May 01, 2017 7:02 pm


There are currently two different races in the world. The first being a human and the second being Homunculus. The two races are noticeably different in both appearance and how their body works.


The Dominant race in terms of numbers between the two. They also have far greater life spans than a Homunculus. Every human is born simply average and must train and work to become something more. They also receive the following adjustments:

12+CON Health for level 1
8+CON for every level after level 1.

20+WIS Mana for level 1
15+WIS Mana for ever level after 1.

Armor Class (for Online play only)

Spell Saves: CON and STR

Human Potential: Humans have the ability to become SS rank in any stat they work hard enough to reach. When humans would reach 0 life and go unconscious they instead go to 1 life, this can only happen once per fight.


A Homunculus is a term for a creature given birth through an alchemical formula to create life without the use of a womb, instead developed using methods to develop sperm and other elements into a fully functional beings.

The concept of "age" is meaningless for them, as they receive from nature all necessary knowledge and reasoning at the moment of birth. The maturing of their bodies into adult stage does not take years like humans, nor do they grow any older from that point on. As an example, despite their mature appearance and personalities, Leysritt and Sella have lived for little more than two years.

A perfect homunculus is pretty much a man-made artificial extension of nature that, external factors aside, will not die for as long the planet is healthy and has mana left. However, the price of being given life through such artificial means is that the homunculus will invariably have some sort of physical defect (small stature, short lifespan, lower intellect or lack of reproductive capabilities are just a few examples). Even with their potential longevity, they are below humans when it comes down to their strength as life-forms.

Despite having the same form and life than humans, homunculi are ultimately different type of existences for possessing powerful Magic Circuit. Regardless how much of a fragile life-forms they are, their Magic Circuits makes possible for the homunculus to achieve powers that are beyond humans. Fundamentally different than the magi that are humans with Magic Circuits, homunculi are better defined as "Magic Circuits with a human form". Not "something made to be a magus", but rather "something made to be a Magic Circuit".

8+CON Health for level 1
5+CON for every level after level 1.

30+WIS Mana for level 1
25+WIS Mana for ever level after 1.

Armor Class (for Online play only)

Spell Saves: INT and WIS

Powerful Circuits: A Homunculus has a powerful body for magic but nothing else. As such they cannot achieve SS rank in Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, or Fighting. However because of their strong magical circuits their magic is more power powerful. When using any spell they can pay cast a second spell as a bonus action at half the cost ad half the level of the original spell.
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Race Rules
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