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 Monogatari, Aragami

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PostSubject: Monogatari, Aragami   Tue May 02, 2017 8:13 pm

Name: Monogatari, Aragami
Gender: Intersex
Age: 18
Race: Human
Bloodline: Monogatari
Sexuality: Pansexual
Where are you from: Kyoto, Japan

Height: 5'6
Weight: 145lbs
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Yellow
General Appearance:

"Why should I look like everyone else? That's boring"

Aragami, the japanese mage. Their platinum blonde hair and yellow serpentine eyes catch the gaze of many on lookers. Their feline ears and prehensile tail are often not shown in public and more or less have a spell on them so non mages would not seen them. Aragami is quite used to using spells to mask their appearance. To none mages, they appear to have violet eyes you can tell are from contact lenses and silver grayish hair from dye with no tail or cat ears. Mages on the other hand will see how they normally look. Of course their strange appearance usually leads to some church member or some other shadowy organization to think Aragami is some sort of beast experiment roaming free, but their bloodline dictates they are one hundred percent human. Aragami finds it funny more people don't use magic for body modifications. Although the tail is purely aesthetic, and the feline ears work just like a human, they serve a purpose beyond looks though they won't tell anyone how or why they have them.

"What's the point of magic if you don't use it for fun?"

It is often said that Aragami is not quite with this world so to speak. They are easily distracted and are quick to dismiss things that do not interest them. Their head is in the clouds thinking of rather disturbing things. They aren't quite good. Most mages from their bloodline aren't. They are tricksters at heart. Enjoying the thrill of life, manipulating it, and toying with their pets. Aragami is especially immature for someone of their stature as someone meant to inherit the family. All this nonsense about responsibility, studying, and what not? Who cares. Leave that stuff for their brothers and sisters. They were older than them and had a wealth of experience. Everyone expected great things of them even if most of them were bastard children and half bloods. Aragami was only inheriting the position because of some stupid dream the family's seer had. Nobody would tell Aragami what it is about but aside from a few annoyance, it is this attitude that lets them dismiss most of their actions. It is as if they are waiting for something to happen. Aragami despises it. They only want to have fun and enjoy their life. Getting tied down and being stuck in that horribly depressing compound, no thanks.

"Do you want to become one of my toys? I always take good care of them?"

They have simple sinful pleasure you'd find in any psychotic child. They enjoy toying with others and teasing, testing them to find out what makes them tick before breaking them. They love to show off their twisted form of 'love'. A kind of love like a disease. Oh so irresistibly mesmerizing and terrifying that has no form of escape. Taking in victims they fondly call their toys, Aragami would test out new forms of magic on them, but careful not to get them in trouble. It would not do if so many people went missing at the same time. So when they are playing with a toy or two, they are exploring the world and taking in various frivolities such as dance, games, exploring, and observing.


"Kshi kshi kshi you think I'll tell someone like you? Figure it out on your own"

Monogatari are known to keep quiet about family matters, much less themselves. They are a pretty secretive bunch so it's hard to tell what they desire. Aragami is no exception. They appear to be pretty open and honest if you ask them but it is just a front. They will never willingly give out hints or straight answers unless they gain something from it. What is the point of spoiling the climax of the story before any tension is built up. They just don't get it. It is common sense Aragami is going to win in they end. In life and death. All shall perish for there is no cure for Pestilence.


"Focus on me. Only the present is important. The past is history"

Aragami was born 18 years ago into the Monogatari family as the seventh child with two older brothers and four sisters. Quite a big family. And they were definitely not raised as one unit. Aragami from the get go was treated differently than their siblings. The eldest brother was an illegitimate child as is his two eldest sisters. The second eldest brother was adopted along with the third eldest sister. The youngest sister was born as a half blood from their father's outsider girlfriend. As you can see,their father was quite the player, having experimented quite a bit in his youth. Only Aragami was born from a proper marriage by another monogatari, so they were full blooded. So even if their body was defective according to normal standards and they were the youngest of the bunch, they were treated a bit more kindly. They did not have to work as hard for their place in the family unlike their older siblings and could do as they wanted. They were taught how to fight and use the bloodline magic of course but no one cared too much about it, even if they picked up on it quick. It's a good thing they were a full blooded one of course, but there was a five year difference at least from their siblings who were more likely to become the family head. So until the age of 17 they lived just playing around and having fun. In the autum of 2015, the family's main seer had some sort of vision and the position of family heir was taken from their brother Shouei, to them. Aragami's life has since them became a lot more troublesome and they don't even know why.

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Monogatari, Aragami
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