An RPG with live battles and offline roleplaying based on a roll system set up in the world of the Fate/Stay series.
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 Monogatari [WIP]

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PostSubject: Monogatari [WIP]   Tue May 02, 2017 7:40 pm

Bloodline Last name: Monogatari
Bloodline Age (in generations): 10
Bloodline Motto: All shall perish for there is no cure for Pestilence

Family History: Your family's history in 200 words.

Special Characteristics:

  • Banneko Hanyo: Altered Body

  • Hanyo: Yokai

The clansmen were never adept at controlling their blood lust, and one can say blood lust is the curse of this clan. Their magical circuits are slightly different from normal mages. Instead of keeping the mana circulating within the body, a few magic circuits lead the mana outside of them. Yet the mana remains slightly connected to its original owner, floating around them fusing, and becoming  one with the aura of the clansmen. As a result, a new aura is created. Instead of being just radiation of the body's mana, it is an aura with a semi-solid non-visible body. Thanks to their ancestors, their mana is abnormally dark,only the clansmen can handle the stress of this dark mana. A venomous aura surrounds the clan members whoever is in range of their aura feels its dread. Normally it remains a small chill, a slight uneasiness that is hard to pin down. It becomes more potent with more blood lust.
Stat of Focus: Intelligence
Skill of Focus: Arcana

Magical Focus: Plague Magic

Bloodline Spells: Special spells you get at level 1, 10, and 15. These spells scale with your level and become stronger according to the spell rules. However the three spells you can choose can be wildly different from the normal spell rules. These spells can very from anything to a spell that slows, quickens, mild teleportation, summoning familiars, etc. The sky is the limit with these and we will help you to do what you would like so long as it is balanced and fits.

Level 1:

Level 10:

Level 15:
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Monogatari [WIP]
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